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Italian Food Facts: 6 Facts About Italian Beverages & Drinks You Didn’t Know

Recently we have been going over some of the most interesting and for the most part, unknown facts about some of your favorite Italian food dishes. From pasta, salads, main courses, desserts, and everyone’s favorite, pizza! According to the team at Bella Pizza, also known for some of the best Italian food Carlstadt, NJ has to offer, while these food options make up the vast majority of the best Italian food Rutherford Italian Americans and other fans of the cuisine will tell you, that no Italian meal is complete without a choice selection of beverages. Italians have a long tradition of their own unique and very purposeful beverages. while most of us will think of a drink as just a drink, just something to wash down our meal with Italian food East Rutherford experts at Bella Pizza will tell you that it’s much more than that! Whether it’s your favorite selection of wine, some well-made espresso, or even a random specialty Italian soda, Italian beverages all seem to have a purpose and there is an art to matching up your Italian food to your beverage. But despite the popularity of Italian food Moonachie aficionados at Bella Pizza, feel not everyone is aware of how detailed Italian cuisine is about their drink and beverage selection. So just like we had done in our previous articles, we will be going over some of the most interesting things you probably didn’t know about your favorite Italian beverages.

Italians LOVE Their Coffee!

Anyone who has ever had true, authentic Italian coffee probably knows that it is certainly some of the best coffee on the planet – at least for those who like the distinct flavor profile and taste. When it comes to Italian food Carlstadt experts at Bella Pizza and others across NY & NJ will tell you that Italian coffee is one of the best ways to finish off a meal or start your day! Across Italy, there are countless cafes and they all seem to be having no issue staying in business as on average, every cafe in Italy is serving about 175 cups of coffee per day! In fact, according to the owners of Bella Pizza, known for the best Italian food Hackensack has to offer, Italians consume on average more than 6 kilograms of coffee every single year! If you’ve ever seen how much a single gram of coffee is then you know that is a tremendous amount of coffee – and a lot of caffeine! No wonder the Italian language is spoken so fast!

Ordering Coffee in Italy Isn’t Like America!

Across Italy, there is a big disconnect between how they see coffee and how Americans see coffee. In America, it might be a big mug of Folgers getting you ready to start your day. But according to the team at Bella Pizza, known for the some of the best Italian food South Hackensack has to offer when you order ‘un cafe or a coffee n Italy, you will likely be brought an espresso. Or a shot of strong, concentrated coffee in a small cup that to some might resemble a shot glass. You can also say espresso, but the proper method of ordering and the polite way is to ask for ‘un Caffe, per favore – which translates to one coffee, please!

Watch out for an Alcoholic Surprise in Your Coffee

In Italian, there is an interesting phrase when ordering coffee in some cafes around Italy, and it is Caffe corretto, which is directly translated to corrected coffee. While this might seem innocent enough, according to the owners at Bella Pizza, known for the best Italian food East Rutherford has to offer, this will get you a coffee made with a few dashes of your favorite spirit!

No Cappuccino After 11? Is it Real?

If you’ve perused different forums across the internet, you might have heard a somewhat common story that you can’t order a cappuccino after 11 in Italy, as it is a drink exclusively for the mornings! Let’s start by saying Italy is a free country, and you can do whatever you want! But according to the owners at Bella Pizza, known for the best Italian food South Hackensack has to offer, this does have some truth to it, as cappuccino is a morning staple for many individuals in Italy, as well as the US. For many individuals, it’s part of a traditional Italian breakfast, but in reality, it is very common for individuals to have a nice cappuccino during the afternoon. Where it is certainly far less common is with dinner – during this time, Italian coffee drinkers will prefer an espresso as the lack of milk is easier on late night digestion.

Italy is the World’s Largest Wine Producer!

Wine is a serious thing in Italy. According to the owners of Bella Pizza, known for some of the best Italian food, East Rutherford has to offer, no traditional Italian meal is complete with some good wine for the table. And with nearly 2 million acres of wine vineyards, Italy is a global wine powerhouse. They contribute an average of 48.3 million hl of wine per year, which is 19 percent of the global wine market, putting them ahead of France (17 percent) and Spain (15 percent).

Don’t Order a Latte in Italy

For anyone looking to get their favorite iced or hot latte beverage, while on their trip to Italy – be careful, as latte directly translates to milk in Italian! So ordering a latte in Italy may not end up how you planned, unless, of course, the waiter knows you from abroad and probably assumes this grown adult, isn’t looking for a glass of milk right now. According to the team at Bella Pizza, known for the best Italian food Moonachie has to offer, the proper way to order is to ask for a latte macchiato – which is what you would expect from a traditional latte back in the US.

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