The Best Taste, for the Best People, in the Best Budget
Brace yourself for the best pizza and Italian cuisine in your hometown — by a family that cooked twenty years straight to master the art and to bring you the food that just feels like home.
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…that showcases how we were able to bring you the perfect pizza slice for the taste of your bud…

About twenty years ago we started our journey to savor the “perfect slice” of pizza. Our mission was to serve the only true NJ traditional taste.

Because we know how it hits when you crave for that slice with perfect crisp, with perfect toppings, with the perfect amount of cheese, and with a perfect taste that touches the soul…

But, the discovery of that awesome handcrafted pizza slice was like discovering an entirely new species. Pizza fans used to travel miles to get around a true hotspot of awesome pizza. It was awfully tiring to find and have a bite of the taste-enriched slice that you’d keep at the back of your mind, even after years to come.

And that exact baffling part killed time, effort, money, and hope; because the perfect slice wasn’t easy to discover and wasn’t easy to cook either.

And more importantly, we couldn’t see the befuddled die-hard pizza champs like that.

So, we finally decided to take the burden and share the shoulders.

We decided to master the craft of assembling the perfect pizza slice.

So, we cooked, we learned, and we mastered the art by serving handcrafted pizza every single day…

Throughout the years, we discovered the secret flavors that maketh original pizza, we gathered immense heart-pumping reviews, and we got harshly critiqued as well. But that’s how we perfected and that’s how we discovered the true NJ taste…

There were days when we had zero customers…and now there are days we get more orders than we can maneuver…

And it is all because of you.

You remained marvelous throughout our journey.

And only because of you, we are here to stay the next many decades…

Our mission was damn-darn difficult, but we have a true NJ spirit at heart, so we didn’t just give up. We made it to the finish line with your help; squashing all the ups and downs, and winning over every popular (and expensive) pizza chain…in your hometown.

Visit our Menu right now to enjoy the original perfect pizza slice.

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