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New Jersey Recently Overtook New York for the title of Best Pizza!

No matter where you go around the world, generally there are only a few things that you can find anywhere you want. The first one is pizza, of some kind! No matter where you are in the world, people will likely know about pizza, and they can probably point you to a neighborhood pizza shop just around the corner. Now it might not always be good pizza, but in most places, they at least get the point and make it work they at least get the point and make it work. The second thing is New Yorkers, and by extension, people from New Jersey. As a native New Yorker who has lived in both New York and New Jersey, no matter where I have traveled on the earth from South America to Europe, and Asia – I have almost always run into at least one person traveling from my home state of New York or New Jersey. The fact is that New Yorkers and New Jersey folk have quite a lot in common and essentially live very similar lives. They’re both known for their attitude and distinct accents, but the other thing they are known for is having good pizza! According to the team at Bella Pizza known for the best pizza Garfield has to offer, it has always been somewhat of a rivalry – who has the best pizza. And unfortunately for those who run even the best pizzeria Garfield, NJ has to offer, Bell Pizza, New York seems to come out on top way more often than not! If you ask a lot of New Jersey most will insist this is not the case, and no matter how good New York Pizza might be – when it comes to the best pizza New Jersey certainly takes the cake, or should we say the pie! Experts like the owner of Bella Pizza, the best pizzeria Teterboro residents have, will tell you that it’s all because of the hype. The fact that everyone knows the term New York Pizza, or the New York Slice, means they already have an unfair advantage. however, most recently in 2021, it’s finally happened, and New Jersey has taken over the title for the Best Pizza!

In a recent issue of Food & Wine Magazine, it looks like a long-time winner, and pizza champion, the state of New York, has been dethroned. And it wasn’t just a slight victory with a close margin, to add even more insult to injury for New Yorkers, such as myself, New York finished in third place taking home the bronze medal! And while the state of Connecticut finished in second place, taking home the silver medal, when it comes to the title of Best Pizza New Jersey has taken home the gold medal – for the first time! According to the team at Bella Pizza, the best pizzeria Garfield, NJ has to offer, this is a huge victory for Jersey as a whole, and it truly shines a light on the state that it has been deserving for some time now. On the Garden State’s very own Twitter account they shared the news with the caption “fact check: TRUE.” And while this ranking is generally all about friendly competition, you can tell that a lot of the New York pizza experts and aficionados are taking the loss to heart. When asked for a quote the manager at the famous L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn, mentioned that neither anybody he knew could even name a pizzeria in New Jersey. And while this might be true for a lot of Brooklynites, New Jersey pizza lovers would scoff as they truly believe their pizza reigns supreme. According to Bella Pizza, the best pizza delivery Garfield, NJ has to offer, they think Jersey took the win because they seem to excel at every kind of pizza, while New York pizzerias are always known for this or that – Jersey is the model of consistency.

According to the editor of Food &  Wine Magazine who penned the article, when discussing the local spots in jersey like Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza delivery Teterboro has to offer, he was quoted as saying, “I like to think of New Jersey as what New York would look like if we slowed down to appreciate our heritage a little more if the pizza makers were under less pressure and had the time and money to take more pride in their work, and if our surviving classic pizzerias hadn’t leaned so heavily into tourism as a way of making a living.”

He continued and many others have echoed his sentiments, that New York City pizzeria simply has too many strikes against it. The first of which is the high rents, this has made making money over honoring the craft a much bigger part of the equation – while it was always important, nowadays it might cause individuals to skimp on ingredients, as opposed to their counterparts in New Jersey who have always been the underdogs and know they have to stand out. Plus much smaller rents allow them to spend on ingredients and things.

If you ask the owner of Bella Pizza, the best pizzeria Teterboro, NJ has to offer, New Jersey’s spot as the underdog has played a key role, and while they weren’t always given a chance, all it took was for New York to slip a bit during the pandemic, and it gave New Jersey the opening it needed and once the judges tried their slices they knew it was by far the winner! For more information on New Jersey pizza and the history of jersey pizza, be sure to check back here. And if you want some of the best pizza New Jersey has to offer, check out Bella Pizza now!

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