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New Jersey’s Favorite Pizza Topping Options

When it comes to good pizza, there are few places in the world that can keep up with the tri-state area, and more specifically New York and New Jersey. New Jersey in particular has one of the richest pizza histories of any place in the world, and many would even say that their pizza rivals places like Italy, the birthplace of pizza! According to the team at Bella Pizza, known to provide the best pizza delivery South Hackensack has to offer, the pizza slice or pie in New Jersey has come quite a long way over the years, and it all dates back to a time when many italian immigrants were just entering the United States for the first time! And over the years, there have been many interesting and unique pizza options and topping choices or combinations that have come about. And while many traditional pizza lovers might prefer to stick to their classic New York/New Jersey slices, for many individuals across the country, a pizza slice is not complete without some worthwhile toppings. Known for being the best pizzeria Passaic has to offer, the team at Bella Pizza will tell you, that there are so many different toppings that New Jersey patrons put on their pizza. From unique options like pineapples and anchovies, to traditional ones like pepperoni or black olives – you really can’t go wrong. In this article we will be going over the results of a recent pizzer lovers survey, that outlines the most favorite topping options of New Jersey pizza lovers themselves – in no particular order!


We had to start with a traditional favorite like pepperoni pizza. In fact, its probably the type of pizza we see the most – even if we don’t like it ourselves. In popular culture, movies, TV, even in memes and emojis, when someone is representing pizza, its often a pepperoni pizza slice! It offers a solid aesthetic, but the cured salty meat flavor against the sauce and cheese is something few patrons take issue with.


While it might not have always been a favorite, according to recent surveys, individuals across New Jersey are consuming more mushroom pizzas than ever before! According to the team at Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza delivery Garfield has to offer, mushroom pizza provides a great option for those who don’t eat meat or are vegetarians and vegans. Its also quite healthy and provides a great taste and texture.

Spinach on White Pizza

Something you either love or hate, spinach is a favorite of many patrons – especially those who are italian food aficionados. And being known for some of the best Italian food Hasbrouck Heights has to offer, the team at Bella Pizza serves a ton of spinach with their meals. Its become particularly popular on a white pizza slice that uses ricotta cheese and no red sauce.


Another staple for meat lovers and those who like the salty meaty flavor amongst the backdrop of a quality red sauce, and melty mozzarella cheese! If you ask the team at Bella Pizza, providing the best pizza delivery Bogota has to offer, they have been serving more sausage pizzas in recent years than ever before.

Buffalo Chicken

A great option for those who are looking for some added protein or meat options on their pizza, but aren’t big fans of fattier pork product options like pepperoni or sausage. Buffalo chicken provides a tangy, slightly spicy flavor that many would say is like having buffalo wings on the side, with your pizza! For many patrons across New Jersey, there is nothing better than a quality buffalo chicken slice.

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