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4 Unique Pizza Trends this Year

No matter where you go in the tri-state area, its pretty hard not to run into a solid pizzeria or two. According to the team at Bella Pizza, who many consider to have some of the best pizza Teterboro has to offer, the state of New Jersey in particular is especially known for its amazing pizza, and having an illustrious pizza history. And with so many great options for pizza, and such a rich history that dates all the way back to a time when Italian immigrants first came to the US, individuals from across the country should always make sure to grab a slice when visiting the Garden State. While pizza has always been a popular staple in New Jersey, if you ask the owners of Bella Pizza, offering some of the best pizza delivery Teterboro has to offer, they will tell you that its almost never been more popular than it is today! And with such an increase in popularity, there are a number of interesting and unique trends that are occurring throughout the industry – not just in New Jersey either! In this article, we will be going over a few of the msot interesting trends in the world of pizza today.

Hot Honey on Your Pizza

When it comes to pizza, the team at Bella Pizza is considered by many to be the best pizzeria Teterboro has to offer. And with such a strong reputation, they have developed a loyal customer base. One thing that the customer base loves is their wide array of toppings and options. And this isn’t just them, but the industry as a whole. According to the team at Bella Pizza, providing some of the best pizza Maywood has to offer, one of the most interesting topping trends has been hot honey on pizza! Many people would be shocked to hear it, but it is actually quite popular and gives people a sweet and spicy flavor to their favorite pizza slice. 

The Buffalo Chicken Pizza

While the buffalo chicken pizza has been around for years, it has reached an immense level of popularity in recent months and times. And what is not to love? The spicy flavor of the chicken – especially when its made with a quality, worthwhile buffalo sauce, is something few patrons at Bella Pizza, the best pizzeria Maywood has to offer, can resist.

Ranch on Pizza

Now this goes hand in hand with the buffalo chicken pizza we mentioned above. It’s become a huge craze amongst many patrons of pizzerias across New Jersey and New York. But it truly is not for everyone. While some people go crazy for ranch on their pizza, others believe it to be a fatty option that drowns out the taste of your favorite slices.

Oversized Pizzas

You’ve probably seen them online and all over social media, but many pizzerias are offering oversized pizza pies these days. And while some of them might be delicious and the perfect size for a large party of friends and family, it really depends on the quality of the pizza and the pizza maker, according to the team at Bella, who is known for the best pizza Wallington has to offer. It definitely makes for a good picture on your instagram story, but make sure you go to a quality pizzeria. Order your favorite pizza today at Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza Wallington, NJ has to offer. And for more information, be sure to check out their website today.

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