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What Makes the Pizza Dough on the East Coast so Good?

When it comes to pizza in the United States, the east coast has the crown for having the best pizza in the country. Places like New York and New Jersey, or Connecticut are known for having some of the best pizza in not just the country, but the world. And according to the team at Bella Pizza, the best pizzeria in Saddle Brook, one of the biggest things to understand about this is because of the dough and the pizza crust, as the rest of the ingredients can be bought pretty much anywhere in the country. The crust on the east coast is second to none. According to the team at Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza Lyndhurst has around, it’s important to understand in order to achieve this high level crust, there is a lot that goes into things. And a lot that you need to be aware of that separates it from other pizza and specifically pizza crusts and doughs from areas like the West coast or even Italy, the birthplace and origination point for pizza in the world. In this article, we will be going over the main reasons why east coast pizza dough and crust is so different from the rest of the world’s pizza.

The first thing to understand about good quality pizza on the east coast, is that it is always made from scratch – especially the dough part. According to the team at Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza Elmwood Park has to offer, there isn’t a pizza place in New York or New Jersey that could possibly compete if they weren’t using fresh made dough daily, as the rest of the shops would simply swallow them up soon into their inception. In addition, it is important to know that the dough ingredients and method and means of cooking make all the difference in making a delicious crust.

The Water

The main difference in what separates traditional New York Style pizza, or east coast pizza from that of the rest of the country is the water sources. According to the team at Bella Pizza, the best pizzeria Elmwood Park has to offer, many assume that water is the same wherever you go, but that isn’t the case as different water sources have different elements in them, and different ingredients. Sometimes certain minerals and vitamins can be different and affect the influence and flavor that the water gives on the dough. As per the owners at Bella Pizza, known for the east pizzeria Lyndhurst has to offer, this is the same reason NYers will often miss New York bagels while being on the west coast, as the mixing process in the dough changes and the taste and overall influence changes based on the water source. One of the most important things to understand, accordion to the experts at Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza Saddle Brook has to offer, while you might not be able to replicate the water composition on the west coast, the best thing to do is to make sure the temperature is right, and that the water isn’t too cold as it might shock and kill the yeast.  And this will make the pizza dough much worse than anything else.

The Oven & Cooking

Another key factor of the process is the oven in which everything is cooked. According to the team at Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza Elmwood Park has to offer, there are many types of ovens you can cook pizza in, from coal ovens, to brick ovens, wood fire stoves, gas ovens and much more. One of the most important factors is that it must be very hot in order to get the crust right. Many connoisseurs also believe it should be fueled by wood or coal to give the crust the perfect bake and additional flavor. Some will even go so far as to say the oven should have decades of the accumulated residue of pizzas past so it can circulate in the oven’s convection currents, ensuring that each successive pizza maintains the traditional flavor of the past.

The Best Ingredients

The fact is that according to the pizza experts at Bella Pizza, considered one of the best pizzeria Elmwood Park has to offer, while pizza dough obviously doesn’t have a ton of ingredients, it’s important for what it does entail to include the best of the best. There are so many different options for flour to choose from, but the best pizza on the east coast usually uses wheat flour, but we have seen some people experiment with gluten-free flours in order to achieve the same result. The next thing to make sure of yeast and salt as fresh yeast is best for pizza dough because it creates the best volume and aeration required for an east coast style pizza crust. The salt helps ensure the activation of the yeast. Be sure to try some of the best crust at Bella Pizza today.

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