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Italian Food Facts: 5 Facts About Pasta You Didn’t Know!

New Jersey, like New York, is by far one of the most diverse states in the country. A melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, the state of New Jersey, is one where no matter where you came from, as long as you are here to work hard, raise your family, and live the American dream – you will always be accepted! The fact is that many of the urban cities in NY and NJ were built and developed by immigrants and their hard work. While many hope to assimilate to the American way of life, the fact is that immigrants have brought pieces of their culture to the country and given us a unique blend of languages, traditions, clothing, and culture. And one of the best parts of that culture has got to be the food! And very few immigrant groups are as well known for their food as Italians! According to the owners at Bella Pizza, considered the best pizza Lyndhurst, NJ has to offer, customers from all different walks of life patronize the establishment – whether it’s for an afternoon site or a full Italian pasta meal with their family. No matter where you are from, or where you are living now, chances are you love some Italian food! From favorites like pizza and pasta to lesser-known options like broccoli rabe, and desserts like gelato – Italian menus have something to satisfy your every craving! When you ask the team at Bella Pizza, considered the best pizzeria Lyndhurst has to offer, while Italian food options like pizza and pasta might be favorites in the community, many people have no idea about the history of their favorite dishes – past the fact that they taste good! In this article, we will be going over some interesting facts about Italian food – especially pasta dishes!

The Many Variations of Pasta!

Anyone who likes pasta knows that there are so many different types of pasta, that’s pretty tough to keep up with! Even the owners of Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza delivery Lyndhurst has to offer, who considers themselves experts in Italian food couldn’t name much more than a dozen different kinds of pasta! In reality, there are over 300 different shapes of pasta out there, and each of these shapes offers patrons a different look, shape, size, as well as texture – often changing the taste profile and altering the way the pasta interacts with other ingredients like the sauce. Pasta is the main staple of the Italian diet and it comes – while some cultures prefer rice, for Italians it’s pasta! When it comes to the best Italian food Lyndhurst and the rest of Jersey will agree that pasta is certainly up there, and trying different varieties of pasta is a major experience.

Long & Short of Pasta Options

In Italy, and even in the United States, when it comes to pasta, with so many different varieties and options, many individuals find it nearly impossible to pick a favorite. However, according to the team at Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza delivery Elmwood Park has to offer, the numbers don’t lie, and there are clear favorites when you look at the statistics. To make things easier, reports generally break it down into long and short pasta choices. Amongst long pasta options, the clear favorite is spaghetti in both the US and Italy. While that might have seemed a bit obvious, when we get into shorter pasta options it’s a bit closer. It’s a pretty close race between penne, rigatoni, fusilli, and farfalle. if you’ve never had these, I suggest you look them up and take a trip to the grocery store and purchase a quality bag of each! As aficionados of Italian food Elmwood Park experts at Bella Pizza will tell you that pasta has two specific types based on the texture, known as rigato – which has small grooves, and Liscio – with larger grooves. Most people prefer rigatoni as it absorbs the sauce best, and takes on different ingredients and seasonings very well.

Cream & Carbonara Don’t Mix!

Many at-home cooks love making pasta, and when you’re in your kitchen it’s your rule, you can do what you like and experiment all you want. But according to the experts at Bella Pizza, the best pizzeria Elmwood Park has to offer, traditionalists have certain rules they like to follow. One of the most important is that you never add cream to carbonara! Carbonara is a staple of Rome and Roman cuisine, and Roman chefs are extremely particular about the creaminess of their carbonara, and the fact that it should come from the egg sauce and not actual cream! As a popular option both in Italy and the US, now you will be able to tell how authentic a restaurant is if you see cream or not in your carbonara.

Pairing Pasta Types with Sauces

Another important rule that is a lot more steadfast and well known has to do with the pairing of pasta and pasta sauce. As per the team at Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza Elmwood Park has around, many authentic restaurants won’t let you choose the sauce that goes on your pasta – or the chef may throw a fit! When you’re at home and whipping up a quick pasta meal for the family, sure do as you please, but in an authentic, professional Italian cuisine setting, it’s best to enjoy your meal as the chef intended. Certain dishes are named specifically in this way so you know what sauce and pasta combination to use, fettuccine al ragu for instance. When it comes to Italian food Elmwood Park and the rest of Jersey’s most authentic chefs, generally follow a simple rule, mild sauces are for shorter pasta, while stronger sauces are better designed for longer pasta options.

Pasta Types Come from the Region of Italy

Being in modern times, no matter where you are in Italy or the US, you can find whatever kind of pasta you want at any time. But it’s important to understand that this wasn’t always the case, and according to the owners at Bella Pizza, known for the best Italian food Lyndhurst has to offer, your pasta options were limited to the region you were in as this is where these items came from. For example, pesto was often associated exclusively with places like Genova, in Liguria, while what we know as Bolognese or ragout, was exclusive to Tuscany or of course, Bologna. You can usually tell by the traditional names, as Gnocchi alla sorrentina came from Sorrento. And the list goes on and on. Thankfully in modern times, you can have whatever you want from your local Italian market or grocery store!

For more information on Italian food, pizza, and more – or to try some of the best pizza in New Jersey, be sure to visit Bella Pizza today!

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