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Top 4 Pizza Toppings in New Jersey

When it comes to pizza places in New Jersey, they are all over the place. The residents of New Jersey truly love their pizza, and it has been a staple in the community for years. According to experts like the owners of Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza Carlstadt has to offer, some say it’s the water in the area, that allows for us to make the best pizza dough with the best consistency. Others will say it’s the specialty tomatoes that are often used for the best and most well-balanced sauce. When you ask pizza aficionados like the team at Bella Pizza, known as the best pizzeria Carlstadt has to offer, they know how much sauce means to Jersey pizza, as many variations of slices are known for their slight sweetness. But according to some residents of New Jersey, the secret to New Jersey’s pizza is the specialty pies and the amazing variations in toppings they offer to their patrons. From the best quality meat toppings to vegetable combos and much more. While it certainly is a combination of all of the above one thing about New Jersey is that it is home to some of the best Italian markets around – anyone who has ever seen an episode of the Sopranos certainly knows what I mean. According to the owners at Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza delivery Moonachie has to offer, these Italian markets are often the source of the high-quality ingredients pizzerias are able to source. Whether it might be the freshest of specialty tomatoes, garden vegetables, and most important of all different meats for toppings. Using such high-quality items and such a unique blend of them allows individuals to come up with some of the best and most interesting combinations of toppings around and this is a major part of what jersey is known for. In this article, we will be going over a few of the most popular toppings in New Jersey.


While many individuals across the country often stick to the classic pepperoni as their meat topping of choice. In New Jersey, according to the team at Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza Moonachie has to offer, sausage is the choice topping in New Jersey. In fact, according to some individuals, the Sausage pizza has become a staple for entire neighborhoods and families.


As far as vegetable toppings go, they’re not the most popular amongst most pizza lovers around the New York and New Jersey area. But according to the experts at Bella Pizza, known for the best pizza delivery Moonachie has to offer, mushrooms are a completely different story! Depending on the type of mushroom used, and how they are cooked and seasoned, they will often taste like or even better than certain meat toppings! With many individuals swap out meat toppings for them to stay healthier at times. In fact, mushrooms are one of the leading complementary toppings to number one on our list of sausage – and the combination has many pizza lovers across Jersey clamoring for more!


Old faithful, by far this is the most popular topping amongst individuals across the world. so much so in fact that every time you see pizza in any animated show or movie, you will likely see pepperoni toppings! According to Bella Pizza, the best pizzeria Moonachie has around, pepperoni offers a spicy, salty compliment to pizza, especially a classic jersey tomato pie, where the sauce has a slight sweetness to it. Any Jersey pizza lover can attest, that is delicious!

Spinach – Exclusively on a White Slice

The white slice is a classic variation that is sold at pizzerias across the world. It uses olive oil, and different kinds of cheeses, and doesn’t use any tomato sauce. According to the team at Bella Pizza, the best pizzeria in Bogota, on occasion you might see a white slice with some slight tomato sauce on it but that’s very rare.

For more information on the history of pizza in New Jersey, or to try some of the best pizza in Jersey, be sure to visit Bella Pizza today!

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